Let the fun begin!

Got in late last night. Surprisingly they had about 200+ people doing check in. Got our linen, assigned battalions and barracks. Good ole Navy linen... 2 sheets and the blanket from hell we're all used to. Today will have some meetings and the fun begins tomorrow.

All I can about SC is that it's HOT and HUMID. Definitely a change from Colorado. Everyone is walking around keeping to themselves until they get the lay of the land. Drank a lot of water last night but still feeling a bit dehydrated. Slept like a baby last night though... Didn't need the blanket. CN and I stood out like sore thumbs since everyone was in BDU's or ACU's. Forgot to bring a padlock for my wall locker so have to pick up one of those today and shower shoes. Always forget something when traveling. Nothing much else to say.... Just want to get this portion of training over with.